The 10 Main Reasons Why I Love The Movie

1. I love movies about families.
2. The movie had a great story.
3. The movie had good characters.
4. I really like the way the Ludlow family were so close to each other.
5. Out of all the characters, William Ludlow the Colonel, Alfred,
Samuel, Tristan, One Stab, Susannah, Isabel II, Pet (Decker's wife),
and Decker. I liked Tristan's character the best. There are many
reasons why I liked Tristan's character but that would take too long
to explain on this page. I liked all the other characters too.
6. I really liked the fact that GOD was mentioned in the movie many times. (Several times the father says"thank God for that") And when letters were read God was also mentioned. Not too many movies mention God.
7. I liked the relationship between Alfred and Tristan. Even though they argued a lot they still loved each other and thought about one another often.
8. I liked the way out of all the brothers Tristan listened to his father the most. He really listened to his father. The other brothers listened but not nearly as much as Tristan did.
9. I liked the relationship between Tristan and One Stab.
10. The soundtrack of the movie is just incredible. The music is so beautiful.

The ten reasons why I loved the movie Legends of the Fall are in
no order in the sense #1 being my favorite and #10 being my least
favorite. These are just the main reasons why I loved the movie so much.I could easily nameanother 10 reasons why I liked the movie Legends of the Fall .


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