Note: This is not a business site. I will not sacrifice quality
for download time. This is a site for people who love this film.

Note: Some of the links are broken due
to redesigning my website.



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I am redesigning my whole website.



Note: Apache Bear gets no monetary value
whatsoever from this website. It is a tribute
to the movie Legends of the Fall. I made this
website in hope to give people happiness. It
is a website for people who love this film.

All copyright privileges are the rights of the
respective owners of these pictures.

I cannot track down all the photographers
who took some of these photos on this website.
( Lobby Cards and Movie Photos to promote
the movie) If you are one of these photographers
and want credit I will be happy to display your
name below the photograph. And if you have a
website I will put a link to your site.


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