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I wanted to write a little introduction page. A lot of
people disagree on what the definition of reckoning
means. Some people think it is the same as revenge
and others disagree. In the end, it's alright because
everyone has the right to his or her opinion.

In the American Heritage Dictionary defines the word
reckoning as a settlement of accounts, or an itemized
bill or statement of sum due. There are one or two
other written meanings but I will only concentrate on
these two because they relate to the subject at hand.
I have talked to a lot of people about this subject.
I am always interested in what side they choose.
Some people define the word reckoning as to make
things right.
Others define it like the dictionary
as to settle an account.

What is Apache Bear's opinion on the subject of revenge
and reckoning?
First of all, I beg to differ with James
Horner, Edward Zwick
or whoever was in charge of
naming the track titles of the soundtrack. Whoever was
in charge should have titled the Revenge track to
The Reckoning. Remember this is just my opinion.

Apache Bear defines the word reckoning as to make
things right or to settle an account.
In my opinion
it is different than revenge. Sometimes people go too
far in situations in life and when there is no justice
the only thing to do is to make things right. For
in the movie Legends of the Fall the part
where the law and the O'Banion brothers go too far.
The law and the O'Baniion brothers killed Isabel II.

Tristan and his family had to make things right. The
Ludlow family had to settle an account. In conclusion,
however you define the word reckoning it is alright..
People have the right to their own opinions..


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