Dear Folks,

I wanted to write a little introduction before you view the
Favorite Email Webpage. There are several reasons why
I created this page. The main reason is I had received
many emails from people that wanted to correspond with
other Legends of the Fall Fans. I also wanted to express
my appreciation
for all the wonderful emails that I have

Before I even created this Legends of the Fall Movie
I didn't realize so many people loved this
film and were affected by it. I have received many
emails from people telling me how much they loved
this movie. Many people have told me that they can
relate to this film one way or another. May it be in
tragedy, love, madness, insanity or relating to one of
the many family or love relationships
in the film. I
don't know if the director Edward Zwick and the cast
of this film Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins, Aidan Quinn,
Julia Ormond,
and Henry Thomas realize so many
people can relate to this film in their own lives and
also have been effected by this film in a positive way.
How do I know this? By the hundreds and hundreds
of emails I have received.

As you know I love the soundtrack of this movie. I
listen to it almost every day. The music is so beautiful.
I have received many emails from people telling me
that they also love the soundtrack of the movie.

Last I want to thank all of you for the wonderful emails
I have received. It makes all the hard work creating
this website worthwhile. Take care and I wish all of
you the best.

Best Wishes,.

Apache Bear

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