Email Subject:
Hi! I love your website

My name is

I'm 17 and I live in Ottawa,Canada. I could not believe
it when I found your website! You see I am a huge
"legends of the fall" fan and have been for years.
thing is I never thought so many people were too,
because I don't really know a lot of people who have
seen it. Well, I do now because I made all my friends
sit down and watch it,
(I have it on tape) and by the
way, they all love it. But, I still don't think they love
it as much as I do. It is my favorite movie of all time!

I just think it's a beautiful and touching film. I love every
thing about it, the characters ( Tristan!!! ), the themes, the
story, the MUSIC!!!
I bought the soundtrack and I just
love it. It makes me want to cry! I know the movie so
well that when I listen to the soundtrack I can watch the
whole film in my head, because the music is in the order
of the story. Even each track is named after an important
event in the movie. I don't really know how many times
I've seen Legends of the fall or how many times I've
listened to soundtrack but one thing's for sure, I don't
think I'll ever get bored with doing either.
The first
time I saw this movie I cried my eyes out, I was so
moved by it that I couldn't even sleep that night. I
describe this movie with 4 words: Moving, dramatic,
tragic and powerful. I just want to thank you so much
for making this website, you have really made my day.


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