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I love your Legends web site. How great to have a refreshing
new place to revisit one of my all-time favorite movies. You
offer a novel approach to movie websites.

I read the novella a while back and really enjoyed it. What
struck me was how much was left out of the movie. As you
noted, much of what was cut from the movie version would
certainly have explained the motivation for Suzanne's suicide,
Alfred's anger toward Tristan, and Tristan's guilt. I actually
thought (and still do) that there was plenty of story left to
make a sequel. Tristan goes off to live in Cuba where he
raises his son and daughter. Then he returns after many years
to live out his life in Montana.

One Stab's epilogue stating all the people Tristan outlived lends
itself perfectly to setting up the sequel. Do you agree? Since
one and a half hours of footage is already available, and all the
principal actors are still around, it wouldn't take much more to
complete a great film.

There is a group of Brad Pitt fans on the AOL message board
who would like to lobby for a DVD version of the movie that
includes all the original footage left out of the movie. Have you
already considered this? Do you know who the best contacts
would be? It certainly seems to be a fabulous, lucrative idea
that would have worldwide appeal. How could they refuse?

I'd be interested to know your thoughts.


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