Email Subject:
Your amazing web site.

My name is Scout. Actually my real name is Sheila, but my
nickname all my friends call me is Scout. I just wanted to let
you know I absolutely adore your web site. Almost as much
as I love the movie!!! Legends of the Fall makes up one of
my two all time favorite movies, the other one is Dances with

You've got so many really wonderful photos. Thanks for all
your hard work in making such a detailed web site. I know
absolutely nothing about computers myself and marvel at the
work going into them. One of the things I loved best about
the movie was the lifestyle portrayed. I too dream of one day
living in a cabin somewhere in the wilderness. I love to watch
films about life in the wild, natural and rugged.

And I agree with you about pain and how Tristan learned early
in life to identify with it and let it become part of his life. I think
the fact that One Stab took him under his wing and shared all
his Native traditions with Tristan is one of the reasons Tristan
was so aware of reality. Learning the Native ways and philoso-
phies must have taught Tristan about real life, hardship, pain,
living with a natural flow. It seemed to me, that with all that
training and understanding he had, it still didn't prepare him for
losing Samuel. This is because losing him was so very tragic and
something he just hadn't expected. I think he was very sure of his
role as the care taker and also very sure of his ability to take care
of the ones he loved. Losing Samuel was the first time he realized
he wasn't in control of everything, I think. Maybe that's why he
couldn't come home right away, because he felt he had been
beaten and wouldn't measure up to his family role anymore.

Well, here I am rambling. I just wanted to say a big thank you.
I have been really enjoying your web site. Will there be any
more photos of Susannah? or more family shots? I like the
scenes when they all were playing tennis and Tristan rode up.
It was such a great demonstration of the difference between
Tristan and his family. I like the fact that he always went his own
way, I like that in people. Take care, Kevin. Keep up all the
good work and feel free to e-mail if you want.


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