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legends of the Fall

Dear Apache,

I am a obsessed Legends of the Fall fan. I've watched it
probably over one hundred times. I know every word
off by heart. I've also read the book and would be in-
terested of your opinion about how the story line and
plot was changed in order to make it a successful
motion picture.

On the book cover it states "A womans grace brought
them together. Then her passion tore them apart."

Although to a large extent this is a true statement, I've
always thought of it to be misleading in getting accross
the main point of the film. It is more a story about one
man and his life in which all the other varities are in-
cluded around him."It was those who loved him most
that died young".
Every one adored him so much, ( he
was the rock they broke themselves against). To me
this is the major point of the film.

The story of his inner thoughts "it was the bears voice""
growling deep secret places", the story of One man to
me is the main idea of the film Do you agree?

Also, I've dwelled on the idea that the only reason Tristan
was attracted to Suzanna (despite the obvious attraction)
was to replace the brother he lost in the war through a son
( since he named him Samuel). What are your views?

I hope this gets through. Its the first time I've ever used the
internet. Thanks and I'll look forward to hearing from you.


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