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Dear Apache Bear,

I just saw the movie on Sunday and it has been resonating with
me all week. I was very happy to come across your website as
the film did not seem to effect other people I have spoken with
as it has effected me.

Your web-site is beautiful! The pictures and graphics are well
presented. I do not know why the movie effected me the way
it did. I can relate to many different emotions that were re-
presented; loss, longing, unfulfilled dreams and passion. I
have never wanted two people to be together in a movie as
much as Tristan and Susanah. What a sad turn of events.
Could you tell me what the significance of her cutting her hair
at the end was? I agree with you in that her manic depressive
should have been discussed in the film. Is there any
chance that a full version would ever be released or is it on
the "cutting room floor"?

I have always wanted to travel to Montana and Wyoming.
Being from New York, I have made it as far as Arizona.
Thank you for listening. I wish I could uncover why this
movie has had such an effect on me. I would like to see it
again but it has distracted me so much this week from my
everyday life I think it would be wise to wait awhile! Thank
you again for creating such a wonderful web-site in tribute
to such a great movie. It helps people like me to further
explore other's emotions surrounding the film and hopefully
come to better understand ourselves.


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