Laura from Indiana

Email Subject:
Legends of the Fall website.

Dear Apache:
I sit in here amazement and listen to the master work of
James Horner, my beloved soundtrack of Legends, and
the soundtrack of my life and I see the site you have
created and am overjoyed that someone out there
really "got" this film. This film with its layered script and
complex character studies has had such an impact on
the way that I perceive things and the way that I, in turn,
respond to my world.

It was the final film I saw with my father: only a week
before he died. It was the final music we listened to
together. The fact that the film related, so intensely,
the workings of family and the passions of life still
throws me to tears each time that I see it. If a
person has truly had such a deep love of family as
Tristan had, and such a passion for life then it would
be impossible not to see a bit of one's self in the
characters. I was blessed that my father was half
William Ludlow and half Stab and that he never
questioned but rather supported the passions in my
life. He would only be disappointed if I missed
the point and conformed as, in the end, Alfred did.

This film has brought me joy in its sheer beauty (I too
would love to live in such a place of grandeur in my
life). It has consoled me in grief. It has given me
strength in times of difficulty. In the end, I just feel
glad that such an honest portrayal of humanity exists
in today's mediocre film world. Finally, I am glad
that you have captured it so beautifully in your work
on the site and in your insight into what it is all about.
Thank you and keep up the amazing work...please!

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