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What the movie means to me!

Hi Apache Bear:

First of all I love this movie, I discovered it a few years
ago while wrapping Christmas presents (now that has
become a tradition). Thus it started a HUGE fascination
of Brad Pitt or WB as I call him. I lost a son in a car
wreck (caused by a drunk driver) 14 years ago, when
I saw this movie it brought so many memories back

to me, First of all the older brother Tristan feeling
responsible for his brothers death. Same in my situation
(my oldest son blames himself for his brothers death,
not being there to protect him)
In either case there
was no blame, but speaking from experience the part
was written so true to life, it brings back so much
each time I watch it (which has been a lot) The scene
at headstone causes me so much pain, but yet it is like
therapy watching it.

When WB cries and cries it breaks my heart. You can
feel his pain, and later when he has come to terms with
Samuel's death (as much as he can) you can see the
peace in his face. As I said speaking from experience,
WB played that role as true life as he possibly could.

Thanks for a great site, PICS are great!!!
Judy Luna, Texas


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