Email Subject:
One of the most
spiritual experiences of my life.

Apache Bear,
I canīt begin to express my happiness of finding the most
beautiful webpage in the world. Knowing that someone
out there loves Legends of the Fall as much as me makes
me feel less alone in the world...

Here is my IMDB reveiw and thoughts on Legends of
the Fall:
"When I first heard of Legends of the Fall I
could not wait to see it. I donīt know why but I felt I
had waited to see it for a long time, even though I had
only seen the trailer once. I literally counted the days
and hours to its release and I was there the day it
opened. And it was indeed one of the most spiritual
of my life. Only five minitues into the film I
could hear myself think "This is absolutely the best film
I have ever seen". It was so intelligently made that I
could hardly believe what I was seeing. The way that it
opened, presenting Brad Pittīs character Tristan with
such honesty from the first monent and never throughout
the film letting go of the characters tremendous integrity,
making every word he says come from the exact same
No other film has such a graceful and grand-
iose opening.

This is by far Brad Pittīs best perfomance ever to come,
the guy should retire now because his purpose as an actor
is with this film attained. I can not understand how a film
can be so well made, everything in this film so perfect, the
storytelling, the dialog, the acting, the music and the dir-
ection is so well done and so thought through, that along
with the deep messages and the morale of the film, you
could write an entire bible in filmmaking. This film con-
taines so many messages and has so much to say that one
can not take it all in by seeing the film only once. And it is
funny how, even though I change and grow older, the film
always has new things to tell me every time I see it. There
is nothing you could want or expect from a film or story
that is not found here. This film has so much to say about
life, destiny and the choices we make and the conse-
quences they bring us to.
And the monologue of the
Indian is so beautiful and so true, I get shivers down my
spine only thinking of them.

The film takes us through one individual's life, his effect on
his fellows, his wins, his losses, his happiness and sadness.
And when the film is over hopefully we have learned to
recognize that integrity is the key to a life well lived. That
it is only through truth and honesty, to oneself and others,
that happiness can be attained, and the simple fact that if
this fundamental law of nature is not followed, we will fall...

"Legends of the Fall", in this case does not necessarely mean
autumn. It is just one of the many metaphors in the Indian's
way of speech. There is not any special scene in the film that
is better than another, it is the experience combined that
makes it into the most well made film of all time. True spiritual
aspiration is the only thing that can result in pure art like this

Apache Bear, five years have past since I saw this movie for
the first time and I am still amazed at how one film can inspire
someone so much, and I see with your page, I am not alone in
this. Thank you so much for all your hard work, I hope you are
proud of it, you deserve to be! I will leave you with the most
beautiful quote of the film: "It is hard to tell of Happiness, the
years go by, and we feel safe too soon"

My best wishes

Jon Laprevote


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