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Your Homepage

Sorry first for my terrible english but I am german. I found
your homepage link by sheer chance in a guestbook of a
Julia Ormond page. Your site is great. Searched for those
site a very long time and I am very happy to found yours.
The original soundtrack in my cd-player and the wonderful
site on my monitor it was a fantastic time for me !!!!! I
share your ten points of loving this film.
The greatest film I
ever saw. And the music, too!! Iīve saw the film on video,
I think twelve or more times and it is a feeling like coming
home after a long ride.

I want to write to other fans of the film. Did you get also
german mails? I am sad, that my english isnīt good enough
writing and understanding. Please, please go on with your
site and show more pictures of the film !! And all other things
you can get. I am interested in all things of this film. Thank
you very much for your work !!! My name is Hubert
Hennemeyer from Gelsenkirchen, Germany.


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