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Greetings Apache Bear,

After 6 years from the release of the film "Legends of the Fall."
I've discovered it.*laughs*. I am a little behind I know, but
never too late. I'm sure you don't need another fan telling you
how much they adored the film, but, I think after all these re-
plies you've been recieving from around the world, you'll know
exactly how one feels when they say they've been touched by

I'm living in Australia, and 'Legends" has been on TV twice
(that I can remember) since 1994. Both times I only saw bits
and pieces of it. Until recently, I borrowed a VCD from a
friend and lived the whole and complete experience. On a
very shallow surface, I was mesmerized by Brad Pitt, or
maybe his Tristan Ludlow character (because, relistically, we
do not know Brad Pitt..). I was saddened tremendously by
the film..because I only watched it on the surface, and greived
for its loses and incompletions. But, after 'bumping into' your
web site, I realised alot about Tristan's character and when I
went back to re-watch the film, although by the end of it, I
was till so emotional, I think I"ve captured the spirit and the
joys/beauty of the story too.

So, I thank you for enlightening me, and although I still feel the
movie's gentle influence on me, your explainations and pictures
have made the pain of it more bearable. Although it maybe said
by some that your site is simple, I think you've captured the
essence of the film that words cannot express. So, yes, you've
made me a happy person, but more than that .. you've made
me understand .. and, I'm so glad you didn't have miniture thumb-
nails and one has to squint every time to make out the pictures : )

Well, I've been looking for many 'Legend" sites, after yours, hop-
ing to find some music for it, but I cannot. I don't have the sound-
track, I know I should, but, ..because of many complications, I
don't. So, simply, I was wondering if you have the song "Twilight
and Mist" ..or, what's commonly called by some "samuel's theme"'
(?). I play the piano, and the song's not so complex, so, I can
work out the song by ear, but, it's quite difficult if its taken from
the movie, cause Samuel's singing at the same time, I was
wondering if you have the instrumental bit of the song.. I know
you said on your webpage that you'll be adding some audio files
to it soon . .but I don't think I can wait that long *pulls a face*, ..
or can you direct me to a place where I can download it?

Anyhow, what ever the outcome, I am grateful, grateful because
in a way, reading your web site is like finding someone inspired
enough to understand the movie and disscuss it with you, and it
has really done justice to the beautiful "Legends".


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